Forum, magazines, pubmoots and events

Forums, magazines, pub moots & events…

PFI Forum!
A lively forum where members from all over the world can stay in touch with each other. Contains local-language forums, a calendar, events, discussions.

Pagan Dawn * The journal of the Pagan Federation
Pagan Dawn (formerly The Wiccan) was founded in 1968 and is published quarterly at the fire festivals. It is the official journal of the Pagan Federation.
Each issue contains news, comments, in-depth articles, a readers’ forum, book and music reviews and a Pagan “What’s on”. Anyone interested may subscribe. For more info and some sample articles, please look at Pagan Dawns pages at the PF UK website.

Pagan World * a quarterly magazine on the web for PFI-members
This multilingual web-based magazine is edited by PW Editors, Morgana & Israfela, and contains articles in several languages, in the diverse PFI Newsletters.
Back issues are also available.

National newsletters * Local news and events for members
Many National Coordinators publish a quarterly national newsletter, which is sometimes combined with Pagan World. Often these newsletters are accessible on internet, sent by email or by regular mail. They contain lists of pub moots, agenda’s, events, special days out for members, and so on. Contact your National Coordinator for the newsletter!

Moots & Meets
Many countries offer monthly Pub Moots – informal meetings in a pub or cafe, where you can meet each other. Some countries also offer lectures, talks or workshops. Pub Moots are free and are open to all PF and PFI members, but also to interested people who are not yet members, and all other pagans. Check our Calendar.

Academic Conferences in collaboration with PAEAN
In collaboration with PAEAN, Pagan/Academic European Associates Network, PFI organises Online Academic Conferences, where different papers on Contemporary Paganism, Witchcraft and related topics are presented. See Facebook:

To find out more about pub moots, contact your National Coordinator or visit the national PFI web site of any given country (see the Home page for a list of national web sites).