National Co-ordinators

On a national level, each country has a National Coordinator. This is the person you should write to with all your questions. If you cannot contact your National Coordinator, you can contact the International Coordinator by email.

International Coordinator Morgana

General Editor Magazine Pagan World Morgana

Technical Editor Magazine Pagan World Israfela

Forum administrator Morgana and IT Team

Interfaith Coordinator: Alva More

IT Management PFI domain management, subdomains, web site maintenance, email redirects etc.

PFI ICT Manager: Hades 

PFI Special Projects, general PFI Forum administration Morgana Israfela 

Web master
Main portal, Pagan World

National Coordinators

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 Country list contacts:

PFI Australia Andrew
PO Box 477
Keyneton, VIC 3444

PFI Austria Lisi and Morgana

PFI Belgium Ben

PFI Bulgaria Israfela 

PFI Canada Catherine

PFI Croatia Anita

PFI Czech Republic Morgana

PFI Finland/Suomi Morgana

PFI France Nuisance Value

PFI Deutschland e.v Etain

PFI Hungary   Atomm and  Meredith

PFI Italy Tasso

PFI Mexico Tarwe

PFI Netherlands Lady Bara & Morgana

Regional Coordinator: Limburg: Petra

PFI New Zealand Tracey Crampton Smith

PFI NORDEN (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden)

National Coordinator PFI Norway: Bjors
Regional Coordinators:

RC’s Sandjeford Lisi & Arild +

Website, social media and newsletter Silje

PFI Sweden: 

National Coordinator Caroline Levander 

Regional Coordinators: RC Uppsala Peter

PFI Denmark:

National Coordinator: Aeth

PFI Poland Luiza

PFI Portugal Isobel  & Jose Ferreira
Apartado 13 – Oeste
2564 – 906 St Cruz

PFI South America Isobel, Morgana

PFI Switzerland Morgana

PFI Spain

Regional Coordinators:

PFI Turkey: Renee Redbird

PFI Ukraine: Adelruna Rediviva 

PFI U.S.A. Link

PFI Asia representative Ikari

All other countries
International Coordinator Morgana

NOTE: If you need to send things via regular snail mail and there is no postal address listed, please get in touch via email first!