PFI Boom Plant Actie / Plant a Tree Action

A gift for the earth is a gift for yourself!

Pagan Federation International Plant a Tree Action

From November 15, 2019 until February 15, 2020 of each new registration or renewal of PFI membership 2 EUR will be donated for the PFI Plant a Tree Action. Every other donation for this purpose will be raised by 1 EUR.

More new members, more renewals of membership and many donations to the PFI Plant a Tree Action means more trees can be planted.

For payment and donations please include your name and ‘Tree action’:

Trees care for us, and that’s why we care for trees.

This is the motto of the foundation Trees for All with projects for planting trees at home and abroad. With all the money we collect together for the PFI Plant a Tree Action we support this foundation. Of every two trees purchased one is planted in the Netherlands and one abroad.

Search the web with Ecosia and play a role in planting trees!

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