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Isaac & Phaedra Bonewits european tour 15-28 October 2008

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Morgana Post number 1954 Posted: 12th May 2008     Subject: Isaac & Phaedra Bonewits european tour 15-28 October 2008
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For reservations and more information please contact:

For the Netherlands:

For the UK:

For Germany:

And for up-to-date information of the tour please check the PFI Forum,

Hope to see you at one of the dates,
Nienna Post number 1997 Posted: 16th May 2008     Subject:
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I'd love to attend one of the workshops [Very happy] but can't make up my mind; go to the amsterdam seminar, where I am bound to meet old friends... or... go to the german workshop, where I'm sure to make new friends!

Please don't say go to both! [Razz] because they are both a considerable distance from my home!!

@morgana: send you a mail for info (and advice [Cool]) about this tour [Wink]
Morgana Post number 2029 Posted: 19th May 2008     Subject:
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Yes Nienna, I have just read your private email.

Torc and I will be sending prospective guests information about the Amsterdam event soon.
Caesaja will be able to tell you more about the German event.

We have tried to present 3 different types of events. In Germany it will be more of a retreat since it is residential (at least one night accommodation) whilst it is more of a seminar in Amsterdam.
And at the Atlantis Bookshop it could be anything [Very happy] Geraldine & Bali present all kinds of events so I am very curious too as to what they will be arranging.

I think for you Germany has the advantage that you can meet up with PFI people there in a more relaxed situation. And there is also the ritual planned.

I know you will be tempted to go out clubbing in Amsterdam on Saturday evening (ha, ha... [Very happy]) Or introduce Isaac & Phaedra to Vondel Park - which could be pretty cool too.

Hrmm - they all sound very tempting - I don't know what to suggest now [Very happy]
Why not go to all three?

Wilwarin Post number 2034 Posted: 19th May 2008     Subject:
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I'm thinking of attending the Amsterdam seminar. It will be sort of a birthday present to myself as I celebrate that occassion one day earlier. [Very happy] And it's conveniently close to home. [Wink]

Morgana, is there a website with more information on what the seminar will be about and costs and such? The small print in the add in your message is unreadable on my laptop unfortunately. Or it's my eyes... [Laughing]

Ní dhéanfar dearmad ar aon rud.
Ní dhéanfar dearmad ar aon rud choíche.
Kachina Post number 2036 Posted: 19th May 2008     Subject:
I can't read it either [Rolling eyes] But am also interested. I like being in Amsterdam; it's a whole different environment than Utrecht. If there is more info. then I would like to receive it too Morgana. Thank you!
Love and Bright Blesings,

"Your life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be opened" Wayne Muller
Nienna Post number 2039 Posted: 20th May 2008     Subject:
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@ Morgana; Well, at least you didn't advice me to go to both... but al three [Rolling eyes] Thanks [Cool]

I'll ask Caesaja more info about the German workshop. I think I'll definitely would like to go to that one. Amsterdam is still very temping, so who knows!
Torc Post number 2045 Posted: 20th May 2008     Subject:
Would be nice to see you again! [Wink]
Further details like the costs will be added soon!
MoonDancer Post number 2061 Posted: 21st May 2008     Subject: Me too
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I'll be there for the seminar in Germany. Wouldn't miss this chance for anything. Hope to meet lots of other "kindred spirits" there, as well!

Nienna Post number 2063 Posted: 21st May 2008     Subject:
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Torc, would be great to see you again [Smile] it's been to long!
But I'v'e just now signed up for the German workshop. If my budget allows it, I might join you in A'dam as well... Yes, it's hard for me to pass an opportunity to get together with dear friends [Wink]
Caesaja Post number 2166 Posted: 5th June 2008     Subject:
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Here are the details about the workshop in Germany - who can now refuse to come ???

* Sat morn: Real Energy, Ritual Participation Skills
* Sat aft: Modular Ritual Design, ADF Druid Ritual
* Sat eve: ADF Druid Ritual
* Sun morn: Ritual Critique Skills, Real Magic
* Sun aft: Neopagan Polytheology, Open Chat

Real Energy
Vril, odic force, mana, chi, prana -- these are all terms that magicians and mystics have been using for many years to describe the "energies"
with which they work. But what do all these terms really mean? Are they all talking about the same thing and, if so, does it have anything to do
with what mainstream physicists would call "energy?" Do the Laws of Magic have anything to do with the quantum field or entangled minds?
Based on their book, Real Energy, Isaac and Phaedra will discuss these topics and more.

Ritual Participation Skills
The priest, priestess, or ritual facilitator in your magical or religious ceremonies can't do everything themselves! Starting from the premise
that ritual is a participatory activity, not a spectator sport, Phaedra and Isaac will lead an exploration of the ways you can intensify your
ritual experience. Something for everyone, whether they've been to five-hundred rituals or none.

Modular Ritual Design
From the arcane art of computer programming comes a whole new approach to the equally arcane art of creating effective ceremonies: "modular ritual
design." Isaac and Phaedra will discuss the many uses that a computer programming metaphor can have for ritual design. They'll show how general
problem solving techniques can be applied to the complexities of ceremony, and demonstrate how the modular approach can be used to modify successful
rituals from the past into effective future ones.

How to Perform a Druidic Liturgy
Isaac and Phaedra present a detailed explanation of the liturgical methods developed by Isaac and others for the Neopagan Druid movement. Unlike
Wiccan ceremonies, most Druidic ones are meant to be experienced by large groups of people, so their liturgical design, preparation, and
performance require significant variations to handle the larger population factors. Isaac and Phaedra will discuss these in detail, as well as
the importance of the polytheology, cosmology and aesthetics involved, as they go step-by-step through a standard liturgical design for Neopagan
Druid worship.

A Druidic Worship Ceremony
Isaac and Phaedra will lead interested parties in performing a standard Neopagan Druid liturgy as done by Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship.
Local poets, musicians, singers, dancers, dramatists, and storytellers are encouraged to participate. (1-5 major roles, 1-12 minor ones.)

Ritual Critique Skills
Isaac and Phaedra will lead a quick review of what went right and what could have gone better the night before, modeling the critique process,
and answering any final questions the participants may have.

Real Magic
For thousands of years, people all around the world have shared common ideas about the nature and use of psychic energies. These ideas fit
remarkably well with the results of parapsychological research. Isaac's interdisciplinary approach was the first to unravel the mysteries of the occult in a way that
intelligent, open-minded people could accept and use. In this lecture, based on his classic work, Real Magic, Isaac and Phaedra will discuss the "Laws of Magic," the many varieties of psychic talents, the use of colors to describe magic (instead of the dualistic "black" and "white"), and the ethics of using or not using magic.

Neopagan Polytheology
"Doctrine" does not equal "dogma" - every healthy religion has a core set of principles that most of its members adhere to and share. The various Neopagan traditions have their own body of beliefs and customs, from which a sophisticated shared polytheology can be developed. Isaac and Phaedra will present and discuss the classic "theological issues" of mainstream religions as they have manifested themselves in Neopaganism: the nature of divinity (and the divinity of Nature), monism and pluralism, dualism vs. polarity, the return of the Goddess, lifestyle issues, political implications, ethics and morality. etc.

An Afternoon with Phaedra and Isaac Bonewits Songs, stories, rants, and wisdom, presented in a coffeehouse Q&A style on whatever topics the participants have in mind or Isaac and Phaedra are currently obsessing about. You can't be sure what Isaac and Phaedra will do, but it will be entertaining and enlightening!

BB&BB Caesaja
Nienna Post number 2167 Posted: 5th June 2008     Subject:
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I couldn't refuse even befor knowing what the workshop was about [Laughing]
Looking forward to it!
Morgana Post number 2170 Posted: 5th June 2008     Subject:
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Hi Caesaja,

I know, the weekend sounds fabulous. Isaac is really excited about coming over to Europe too.
BTW this is his avatar:
Hallo Isaac!

He has also offered to do a ritual in Amsterdam but we are wondering now how we can fit it in.
I'll have a word with Torc [Very happy]

But Schwerte is perfect for an outside ritual.
Have you got any photos from the German Conference to let people (and Isaac & Phaedra) see what a great location it is.

All we are missing now is the "fine detail" - costs and such like [Very happy]
But I am sure you will come up with some very interesting rates.

Thanks for the latest information.
Also to Paul & William for helping out too with the website.
Have you thought about informing Isaac - I bet he will be chuffed seeing everything in German [Laughing]

Pity we have to wait until October now,

Morgana Post number 2275 Posted: 24th June 2008     Subject:
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For everyone interested in the seminar in Amsterdam but hasn't reserved yet - this is a gentle reminder [Very happy]

Dear folks,

Please be reminded that the deadline of June 30, 2008 for the advance payment for the Amsterdam seminar is coming up.

If you pay EUR 40 before 30-06-08 you will be entitled to a EUR 10 discount and will have a guaranteed reservation.
Final payment before 30-09-2008

If for some reason you can't make the payment on time and would like to reserve a place please get in touch with me at

Payments should be made via:

bank transfer:

Account number: 63.16 27.332 PFI, Den Haag,
IBAN: NL36 FTSB 0631 6273 32

or Paypal:
Pay via the donation button and add EUR 2 for the costs to make sure we get the correct amount.

Please state your name and address.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Morgana & Torc
Isaac Bonewits Post number 2352 Posted: 8th July 2008     Subject: We're excited!
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Phae and I are both very excited about the tour. [Very happy]

We're brushing up on our kindergarten-level German and have bought a translation machine for Dutch and British. [Very happy]

We haven't heard back from Atlantis yet about which of our presentations they'd like us to do, but I'm certainly hoping to be able to meet a lot of British Druids and maybe even visit Stonehenge and Avebury.

Can anyone tell me if Ware Magie is still available in the Netherlands? (That's the Dutch edition of Real Magic.)

bright blessings,

"Sincerity is not a substitute for competence -- nor vice versa!"
Morgana Post number 2354 Posted: 8th July 2008     Subject:
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Hi Isaac,

great to see you here - do we get an intro [Very happy]

Okay you don't need an intro??

Re: Ware Magie. Do you know I have no idea. I'll check it out for you. I'll be asking our local occult bookshop in Utrecht - "Wijze kater" - to stock up with some of your books and I'll ask about the availabilty of it while I am at it.

Bali from the Atlantis Bookshop will definitely be stocking up and of course would love to have a book signing session with you both while you are there. Maybe on one of the afternoons?

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